By preparing gospel audio messages, teaching and songs in Mpeg3 format we hope to touch the people of the Kunene regions lives with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We have a partnership with Good News Media to use their Saber player. More information on the different products is available at We use the mpeg3 Saber hand winding recorder with Herero audio together with the related picture books to bring the message.

Good News Media, P O Box 5, Wellington, 7654
Contact Dalene Joubert at +27 82 647 9059 (office hours please) or e-mail her at:
Laetitia  at: 0860 26 33 42 (local) or +27 21 873 0822 (international)
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Some of the local people


Each of the Kunene for Christ partners make use of pictures and illustrations to visually demonstrate the biblical story while also explaining and bringing the gospel to the audience. The different outreach teams share not only the message of the Bible but also give out Bibles to believers. Teams show the different gospel Jesus films in the evening in the local languages of the people of the Kunene region. The audience can relate to the visual film and the message of Jesus Christ that comes to them in their own language. Outreach teams have started to share the message in play format and have also used the different living balls from as a connecting point to share with the community the message as it is visually illustrated on the ball play of choice. Partners use music with great success and have build their own plays to illustrate the love of Jesus and share with each other.

Local father and son

Teaching material:

Kunene for Christ and the outreach teams work closely with various partners as described on this website. Each of the partners make use of their unique material to share the biblical message of Jesus Christ and the Love of God. The various teaching materials are available by contacting the partners directly. Here follows a list of the teaching material: Veritas - ; the Firm Foundations phased teaching material from New Tribe Missions ; the program Choose-to-wait from  ; teaching material from Crown Ministeries  and local and foreign organizations with their different programs like SWAN, OM and NETS.

Playing with the children