Visits to communities:

Villages and traditional communities including Herero, Himba, Damara and Zemba kraals are visited and serviced in various ways with evangelisation. Great emphasis is put on building and maintaining good relationships with community leaders (headmen).



School visits:

School visits are a prime method of reaching the youth for Christ. The open door to schools in the Kunene region provides unbelievable opportunities for servicing schoolchildren with evangelisation. There is still considerable scope here for teams and other partners who wish to make an impact for the Lord.




Camps (family camps, youth camps, leader camps and other camps of partners) have been and still are used with great fruit to equip and build up believers to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

At the end of 2011 we held our first School Leavers' camp to equip our school leavers for the years ahead.



In 2006 a mobile mission conference was held in which partners travelled in 4x4’s through the area and, under the leadership of Prof Jurgens Hendriks (theological seminary US), deliberated on the way forward. In 2007 many of the partners convened for a follow-up conference in the Biedou valley. Valuable links were forged in which partners became friends. Arising out of the two conferences, Kunene for Christ’s vision and mission gained clearer form. A further large conference is planned for June/July 2010 in the north of the Kunene region, so that it is also accessible to Angolan fellow-believers.

Agricultural involvement:

In September 2007 an agricultural conference was held in Outjo, at which Christian farmers and other agriculturalists under the competent leadership of Bertus Kruger (facilitator) deliberated and co-operated on ways in which we could contribute to providing concrete help in the agricultural field to the people of the Kunene region. This conference was followed up by smaller projects and visits to Kaokoland. We believe that the Lord can use this to open doors to create evangelisation opportunities.


Medical involvement:

Kunene for Christ will also attempt in the near future to make a difference in this field to the people of the Kunene region.

This is not a firmly structured plan, because it is being applied from situation to situation as the Lord leads us. The challenge is great indeed, because worldwide it is nomadic groups of people who are the most different to reach and therefore the most difficult to change.


Assisting Material:

The variety of materials and methods used by Kunene for Christ and its partners to impart the gospel effectively are characterised by a Spirit-inspired creativity and colourfulness that leaves no place for a rigid and programme-driven style. The following are some of the materials and methods used with great effectiveness:

The Jesus film, Wordless book message (more than one variation), Heart message; ‘Living Ball’- presentation, Good News / Look & Listen material (Bible Media), Firm Foundations, Veritas; Choose to wait together with drama, song and dance are used with great fruit. Distribution of Bibles and other spiritual literature is also an important component of evangelisation.

Sharing the Gospel
Scool visit
During a one of the camps
Wilma and Jacob Schoeman
During a session with the local farmers
Providing medical assistance
Watching the Jesus film