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Kunene (also known as Kaokoland) is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia. Compared to the rest of Namibia, it is relatively underdeveloped. This may be due to the mountainous inaccessible geography and the dryness that significantly hinders agriculture.

The region is situated in Namibia's remote north-west, bordering Angola to the north and including the inhospitable Skeleton Coast. The Region gets its name from the Kunene River, which forms the border between Namibia and Angola. The largest town and capital is Opuwo. The Region is home to three main ethnic groups - the Damara, Herero and Himba people, all of whom have a rich cultural heritage.

Kunene's western edge is the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, it borders Angola's Namibe Province, and in the far eastern part of its northern edge it borders Cunene Province. Domestically, it borders the following regions: