Future projects

The Moreleta outreach group and also other teams working with us in the nearby area of Swartbooisdrif wishes to use and distribute the Saber Audio players to start with a new way of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. We hope that the players will be used long after we have gone home and that the Holy Spirit will use the players and audio to change people’s hearts for Jesus.

We again this year want to focus on the children of Swartbooisdrift and their school activities. We want to continue where we started off last year with projects for the women and men of the region. This year we would like to focus more on kraal visits and show the Jesus film in the evening at some selected kraals. In parallel our wish is to actively start to evangelise under the Chinese community while also still visiting the already established Christians in the region.

In the long term we hope to one day finish the work at Horeb and have a completed multifunctional campsite from where the gospel can be actively spread to the northern Namibian region and also into the south of Angola.

Our prayers are that God will send a full time missionary to the region that will use Horeb as a base camp to work from. We believe that God will send the right person over the mountain to Horeb and that the people of Swartbooisdrift will come to the cross at Horeb to receive the wonderful news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that the people of Swartbooisdrift will know, worship and serve the Lord Jesus as Redeemer.