horeb_1Horeb, meaning the mountain of the Lord, is the name of the property which Kunene For Christ received in 2007. This is the piece of land the Lord gave us to develop in order that the people of northern Kaokoland can be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deuteronomy 5:2-3: The Lord our God made a covenant with us at Horeb. The Lord made not this covenant with our fathers, but with us, all those of us alive here today.

Horeb is situated on a slope on the corner of the crossing of the road from Ethembe and the road that goes from Ruacana to the Epupa falls. The land directly faces the Kunene river that symbolically provides life to the people of the region. The government of Namibia gave Horeb to Kunene for Christ in 2007 and was truly a blessing and answering of prayers which started years earlier.

horeb_2In early 2007 two of the Moreleta Park church members drove 6000 kilometres to claim this special piece of land for the Lord. This was an emotional journey because we all had to learn that the Lord first had to work in people’s lives to agree on the property. We had to build strong trustworthy relationships with the leaders of the region. It meant that these leaders had to jointly accept that the land would be developed for Jesus in the interest of the people. We planted a cross on a rocky hill to symbolize the promise we all made and always to remind us of the blessings we all receive daily in the presence of the Lord's light.

Over the last couple of years the outreach team from Moreleta Park in Pretoria has been involved in the development of the property to the level of what is today known as the first phase of the Horeb "multipurpose development centre". We have been blessed by the Lord over the years and with the help of farmers in the Outjo area, the Kunene for Christ management team and the Vaalpark outreach team, there is now a fully operational campsite at Horeb.

horeb_5 The infrastructure is used by outreach teams visiting the area. In the future we hope to complete the development of Horeb into a multipurpose centre giving the opportunity for discipling and equipping the people of the larger Kunene region establishing an independent, self maintaining, Christian community.

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