Swartbooisdrift is a little town with a small community (150 – 300 people) in the north of Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River. The population of Swartbooisdrift consists predominately of Himba and Herero people. The nearest towns are Opuwo to the South, Ruacana to the east and Epupa falls to the west, all towns are approximately one to one and half hours drive from Swartbooisdrift.

Services at Swartbooisdrift are very basic. There is no access to clean water, the water from the Kunene river is used for drinking, cleaning and as water supply for the cattle. The nearest fuel supply is in the towns of Ruacana and Opuwo. The people of Swartbooisdrift are confronted with the overall economic development of the region and the people are now suddenly exposed to alcohol abuse, sexual immorality, the ever-growing aids problem and the overall lack of good education.  Children suffer the most in these difficult circumstances. The outreach team has a passion and calling on their lives to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the region and share the love of Jesus with the people. We want to achieve this through building relationships and trust with the people. Over time our prayers are that we hope to establish a small Christian community at Swartboosidrift that shares the same passion.