The purpose of the short term outreaches is to:

  • Support the Kunene for Christ organization and their vision.
  • Provide support to the part time missionaries from Opuwo who work in the Swartbooisdrift region and assist them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes support to visit their Christian communities in the far remote areas.
  • Build a Multipurpose Centre called Horeb where people can be discipled in their calling to disciple others who become followers of Jesus Christ
  • Create sustainable community projects to uplift the people of Swartbooisdrift.

We have the desire and vision to send short term outreach teams during the school holidays. At the moment outreaches take place during the June, July school holidays. The outreach focuses on the involvement of the whole family regardless of their age.

The following shows a typical outreach program.

Children's program
The children’s program takes place in the morning at the beginning of the school day. The program includes free play, dramas, praise and worship and the sharing of the message of Jesus Christ. There is also an informal afternoon program at the river that aims at reinforcing the morning program and giving the opportunity for conversation. There are around 60 to 70 children aged 5 to 17 who attend the program.

These children grow up under difficult circumstances and are confronted with alcohol abuse, sexual immorality and general neglect on a daily basis.  We do not give the children any food, clothing or general gifts but rather share our love for them by playing together and spending focused time together. We don’t want the children to attend the session thinking that they will receive any physical gifts. We rather want them to experience the true love of Jesus Christ. During these play times we want to build up these children’s lives and leave a "Jesus imprint" in their hearts.

Women’s program

During the outreach we have a daily program with the women of the Swartbooisdrift town. After the children's activities in the morning when the women are finished with their morning chores at their homes we meet them under a tree. The program takes the form of handicrafts and general discussions with a biblical message. The women then discuss the day’s topic and cross cultural boundaries by sharing their needs and fears with each other. They pray for each other and build relationships founded in the love of Jesus Christ. At the moment the group is busy with biblical teachings using “Firm foundations” as the basis of the interaction. The amount of women who attend the teachings and discussions varies daily but there are normally around 30 to 40. The remote women struggle with the same questions and fears than the modern women living in a first world town. They also have family conflicts and are worried about the future of their children.

Men's program

To get the Himba men together any time of the day is definitely no easy task, let alone to get them to come and listen to the gospel. Already early in the development of the Horeb camp site and multipurpose training ground we realized that the building activities was a way of getting the men to devote some of their time away from their jobs to listen to the gospel. Building Horeb provided us with the foundation for relationship building with these men and investing spiritually in their lives. We shared the gospel with them and dedicated time for daily prayer. We also shared portions of the teachings of “Firm Foundations” with the men working at the nearby mine but this was more difficult then was initially expected.

The Jesus Film

The Jesus film was translated into Herero and visually shows the life of Jesus from birth to the resurrection. The film is normally attended by lots of people and provides the foundation for the team to share the gospel of Jesus. We have seen people starting a relationship with Jesus as a direct result of the movie. The film is shown in portions over 3 nights. This way there is enough time to have little group discussions, worship with songs of praise and general fellowship. By watching the film people realize their sin and give their lives to Jesus. The team then guides the people through the process of giving their hearts and lives to Jesus. Last year the film was shown at a traditional Himba kraal where a big group of people attended a funeral and it made a big impact in peoples' lives.

Kraal visits (visiting the homesteads)

During the outreach Christians living in nearby homesteads (kraals) are also visited.  We always get a friendly reception. During the visit the flow of events always happens naturally from hearty greetings to story telling, short dramas, worship, sharing the Gospel and praying. We never go home empty handed after these visits. Each time we are reminded how great the Lord is and the blessings we receive every day.  While visiting the people thinking that we serve them and share the love of Jesus with them, we depart realizing that we are actually the ones who have received the most.

The Community feast

The outreach then ends with a community meal. While the adults spend time preparing the meal, the children play for the last time with their new friends in the dry river bed behind the school. Everybody in town is invited. The outreach team prepares a big meal to thank the community for their hospitality and their friendship and thanking the leaders of the community for hosting us.