Leaders : Ds. Jason Ngambue (minister Dutch Reformed Church Opuwo),  Boas Mutambo and Uazamembo Mutambo
Outreach team : Windhoek West
Partners : Gert and Jeanette Lubbe (Veritas)
Projects :
(1) Fax machine for Ds. Jason.
(2) Kakarandwa children’s club (40 children) needs vegetable seed, toiletries, blankets, stationery and school clothing.
(3) Establishment of a children’s garden class on the church land - needed: toys, books, play-park.
(4) Support for Edwin Kakori : full-time student at NETS.

jasonJason Mgambue, minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in Opuwo and two members of the congregation.
kakarandua July 2011 - Kakarandwa collecting her gift boxes for the children's clubs … may God bless them with these gifts.